DEFINITIONS. As used in this Agreement, the following terms have the definitions set forth in this section. A. “Confidential Information” means any submission and information disclosed to you or acquired from Patriot Software during the performance of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, this Agreement, Patriot and Customer`s software, service and expertise, business plans, data, processes, source code, techniques, customer information, inventions, discoveries, formulas, samples, mailing lists and devices, unless: this information is known to the public. “Public Knowledge” does not include information known only to Patriot customers. What happens if I sign a customer service contract from the buyer who “doesn`t want to pay commission as a buyer” and the property I love is sold by FSBO who also doesn`t want to pay commission!! How is the brokerage paid? If Warp Development assigns Account Holder an Internet Protocol address in connection with Account Holder`s use of Warp Development Services, the right to use that Internet Protocol address remains with Warp Development and belongs solely to Warp Development, and Account Holder has no right to use such Internet Protocol address unless Warp Development has been authorized in its sole discretion. In customer service (and this is important): I have no obligation to give you the best possible deal for this property. I do not represent your interests in this transaction. I already have a customer: the sellers. My main tasks are towards them. If you are my client, I have to answer your questions honestly and I have to disclose essential facts, but in law I cannot disclose to you or yours their winnings.

Right. But without a commission agreement signed with the FSBO seller, the agent will not present the offer. So the seller cannot sell to this buyer and the question of commission does not arise because there is no agreement. Since the Internet is a global communication tool and we have customers from almost every country in the world, it`s hard to dictate what counts as “adult material.” However, it is not up to us to discriminate against those who choose to use adult content or adult material. That being said, there are still several reasons why Warp Development was forced not to create an adult website policy for its virtual server users. Well, there`s nothing wrong with an agent ending twice or a buyer being a customer, as long as the buyer understands that they don`t get the same services as if they had their own agent. An agent acting for both sellers and the buyer will not be able to create a comparative analysis of the market for the buyer as he likely did for the seller; They can`t really advise you on the price. A good customer service level agreement should be easy for your business members and the customer to understand. It is important that everyone knows exactly what they are agreeing to before signing the contract. Avoid complicated words and phrases that the average person can`t easily understand.

Include a glossary if you need to include company-specific acronyms or terms in the agreement. Service contracts make the customer less concerned about the subject – a document determines the schedule and details of the service. In this way, the maintenance works seamlessly by itself, since it is not necessary to fill in information about the order every time. I had to explain that she was a client, not a client, and that the agent was behaving properly. Remember that we are required by law not to disclose a seller`s profits in such a situation. Obviously, when I signed the buyer`s customer service contract, my girlfriend had no idea that this was what it meant: she thought the agent was also his agent. .